Intro to Studio Portrait Photography

The Introduction to Studio Portrait Photography Workshop is designed to give novice studio photographers the necessary grounding in theory and technique to start shooting their own studio portraits.
Beginning with a presentation on basic studio lighting theory, we will then move on to a practical session involving demonstrations and the opportunity for participants to take a few images of their own.

The practical session will start with a simple one light setup, demonstrating how to control contrast, highlight and shadow, with and without a reflector, as well as controlling the light on the background. We will then move on to a two light setup, using a main light and a fill light to control shadow depth. Finishing with a three light setup which combines a main light, fill light and hair or background light.

Other Topics Covered:

• Subject Body Positioning and Basic Posing
• The Effects of Different Lighting Modifiers
• Low Key vs High Key Lighting
• Benefits of Studio Flash Heads over Speedlights
• Common Portrait Lighting Setups

When: Sunday February 18, 2018 – From 2pm – 5pm

Where: Live Photo Studio – Unit 1 / 16-36 Nile Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Investment: $95 per photographer. Limited to a maximum of 15

Booking: Via THIS LINK