Cam Attree Mentor Club

Mentor Club via Patreon

The Cam Attree Photo Mentor Club is designed to create a small community of photographers and models who are interested in networking, collaborating, developing new skills and of course, benefiting from Cam’s extensive knowledge in artistic nude, portrait and general photography. Access to Cam’s Mentor Club is available by becoming a Patron at the $20 tier on his Patreon Page.

Cam posts exclusive photography and video content on Patreon along with access to his eMagazines and eBooks. Mentor Club members also benefit from personalised constructive critiques, gear and technical advice, project feedback plus priority spots and discounts at local workshops and shoot days.

Club members have the opportunity to meet up one evening per month to share their latest work, discuss their latest project and get some feedback from the group. It is also and opportunity to discuss anything else photographic related – share ideas on locations, the latest technique, piece of gear or inspiration they’ve discovered. This evening also doubles up as a social gathering over some pizza, beer and or wine. There is no extra cost on top of the regular monthly Mentor Club payment except to chip in for food / drinks.

Members also get priority access and a discount to a monthly studio afternoon to meet and network with new models and practice working with studio lighting in a variety of styles and themes.